about me

about me
I'm a graphic designer, fortunate that my job is also what I love to do. Working to balance beauty with function, to change the way we see the things around us, making people feel good about the space they're in, and therefore able to do better, is challenging but fun.

I'm from Zimbabwe, Africa, it's vibrant colours and laid-back people will always be a part of me. Being out in the bush and watching the wildlife in beautiful wide open spaces have naturally been a big influence. The incredible design and variety of nature is my favourite and constant source of inspiration.


I have been in London for about 10 years now, this city, with it's world class galleries, museums and theatre combined with so much history and people from everywhere, make it another space full of ideas.

When I am not in London, I am usually down in the southwest, enjoying the landscape that has inspired so many creative and talented people. It is home to some of my favourite artists, whose influence on my love of fantasy artwork, is difficult for me to imagine not having had.

All this, I'm very grateful for, and is a little of what makes me me.


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